The ADeLe Language

ADeLe – the Approximation Description Language – is the language that powers the approximation representation in VArchC. ADeLe was specially design to represent approximations injected into an architecture, in a generic way, offering designers an alternative to reduce the effort on verifying Approximate Computing techniques.

The approximation representation proposed by ADeLe is composed of a set of models and a description file that relates them. The ADeLe Description File declares all the models to be injected into a CPU design (instruction, energy, and probability), defines sets of operating parameters, groups instructions in the ISA to support approximation injection, and describes the approximations themselves.

More documentation

  1. Introduction to VArchC
  2. Installing VArchC
  3. The ADeLe Language
    1. ADeLe Design Overview
    2. The ADeLe Description File
    3. Models and Abstractions
      1. The Group Abstraction
      2. The Approximation Abstraction
      3. The Word Abstraction
      4. The Instruction Model
      5. The Energy Model
      6. The Probability Model
      7. The Operating Parameters